Hellen Zille speaks to DASO followers about Heritage

By: Sidima Mfeku

Port Elizabeth – Western Cape premier Hellen Zille said every student should be able to celebrate each other’s heritage and freedoms without hurting one another and making the other less of a person.

Cheering the youthful crowd, Zille said “In any country there is an individual heritage, and you decide which bits are important to you and which bits are not important to you, no body decides that”.

Speaking at a DASO election campaign event held at a PSA residence in the Nelson Mandela Bay, Zille clarified that her heritage is not German as speculated, but purely South African.

She added by saying, “My heritage is found in this coat”, referring to a coat she was wearing that demonstrated the South African colours and a scarf she had over her shoulders that resembled the South African flag.

Furthermore, the former Democratic Alliance president said that in order for any country to succeed there needs to be a collective heritage, and that collective heritage will be the values in our constitution.

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