Madibaz Radio donates sanitary pads and textbooks to township schools

By: Simamkele Mazondwa

Port Elizabeth- As part of Madibaz Radio’s birthday month celebration, the crew took some time to donate sanitary pads and textbooks to some of the township schools in the Eastern Cape. The schools that received packets of sanitary pads and textbooks were Missionvale Primary School and Khwezi Lomso High school.  

Anesipho Makina who is part of the programming team at Madibaz Radio mentioned that the whole idea of donating sanitary pads and textbooks was to empower the community. “We donated more than 300 packets of sanitary pads and we tried our best to collect as many textbooks as we can, in order to empower learners and the community as a whole because Madibaz Radio is also a community station”, she said.

“The period cycle causes females to be emotional, stressed and period pains can be a problem hence we felt we should visit these learners, not just to give sanitary pads but also give them some knowledge in order for them to know they are not alone; we also go through it,” Makina added.

Veruscha Abrahams, a 13 year old grade 7 learner at Missonvale primary school, expressed her gratitude towards this initiative. “I am very happy and grateful that the Madibaz Radio team came to us to donate sanitary pads and textbooks because not many children get this opportunity,” she exclaimed.

Adrianne Armstrong who is the HOD at Missionvale Primary School also expressed her words of thank towards this initiative. “Some of these learners choose to stay at home sometimes because they have no sanitary pads, we are really grateful because it will have positive impact on them”, said Armstrong.

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