Greystone Accountants offers training to Entrepreneurs

By: Sisanda Ngongoma

Port Elizabeth- Shingle Rusere is the co-founder and the director of Greystone Accountants which is a blacked-owned accounting firm, in Port Elizabeth.  

Mr Rusere opened by saying, “I want to help young people rise up and start their own business. This is all about growing our economy, entrepreneurship development and  imparting the youth with enough skills so that they can manage their own selves and their companies, I also want to see them contributing in growing the economy of the country”.

As we were celebrating World Entrepreneurs Day on the 21st of August, the Nelson Mandela University hosted a student’s entrepreneurship week, the next day Greystone Accountants, in partnership with NMU, NYDA, Standard Bank and other exhibitors from private and public sectors that promote business and entrepreneurship development had discussions at the university’s Missionvale campus. The discussions where under the theme “Start Rising” the public sectors, private and independent bodies where there to empower young entrepreneurs, guide and educate them on the importance of having a reasonable startup capital and address problems of patriarchy.

The panel discussions where also on guiding the youth on how to write up business plans to get funding. Mr Siyabulela Maliza who is an Entrepreneur and Nelson Mandela University Alumni, was one of the speakers on the panel. Maliza emphasized the importance of education in the entrepreneurship industry, “stop waiting for opportunities to came to you. Knock on the doors and look for them”, he advised. Maliza said that the country needed a youth that was willing to work, beacause no one will build South Africa except the youth. The entrepreneurs were also educating the youth on the role of being a leader and being independent from government.  “You choose to be poor or you choose to be rich, entrepreneurship is a way of reducing unemployment. You can change your back ground if you change your mind set”, Rusere mentioned. He also added that being part of the youth of today has challenges but also responsibilities. “Your poverty, hardship or poor background must motivate you to wake up and change your future. The youth of today has a lot of resources at its disposal to make it in corporate South Africa, they must just change their mind set”, he continued.

Mr Rusere advised in closing that the youth must start small when they are approaching organizations to fund their entrepreneurship ventures, saying that they cannot ask for huge amounts of money, they must think first.

Rusere concluded by saying that it is important to have a profile that shows you can handle large amounts of money and what you have done so far.  

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