Diversity is still taking place at Nelson Mandela University

By Simamkele Mazondwa

Port Elizabeth- As part of celebration of international diversity, Nelson Mandela University hosted a special gathering called Indian day to form part of diversity week that takes place within the university annually.

According to the organizers of the event the main purpose of the gathering was to provide information about the Indian culture and different activities about India.

“The preparations going towards this event have been good, we worked closely with students who are from India but studying within the university, they helped us get information about their culture”, said event organizer Janine Wagenaar.

“We select five different cultural days every year, our main goal is to educate people about not only Indian culture but other cultures as well. It is very important that we educate one another about our cultures, that is what diversity is about”, Wagenaar added.

Another important element aspect of this event was the presence of Indian food and people who sell some of these foods. One of those local business woman was Roselle Naaidoo, 54, who mentioned that they survived by selling Indian food in the streets.

“We appreciate this opportunity because we are always selling food in the streets. This is an opportunity for us to showcase our food. As a result of this event, there is a guy from Germany who approached me because of my tasty spices, he wants to use them for his business, we exchanged contacts,” Naaidoo said.

This day also included music and artists, one of them was Mahesh Narotam who plays piano whom students enjoyed his music during this event.

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