Tops Wine Show

By: Zenani Mhlongo

Port Elizabeth – Thursday 26 July marked the day of the Tops Wine Show at the Boardwalk Convention Centre and Madibaz Radio had the privilege of being part of the prestigious event.

The event lasted for a full four hours from 17:00 until 21:00 pm with tons of great wine and food stalls that each had amazing products to show off.

On entrance, each guest was given a glass coupon and could then taste any wine of their choice. They were also given the option to buy their desired bottle of wine after they had tasted and gained a liking for it.

When we spoke to the guests who were there, they all shared a similar sense of excitement and enjoyment. They spoke highly of the event and also mentioned that they loved the fact that there was a big variety of drinks, not only focusing on wine but on brandy and sherry too. One of the guests that we spoke to explained that it was her first time at a wine tasting event and she enjoyed every minute of it! She also told us how exciting it was tasting different types of wine and learning more about what she drank. “It’s amazing because I drink so much wine, but I never knew where it came from or how it was even made. This experience showed me a different side to all wine and now I feel [like] I know a lot more than I did when I walked in here”, she concluded.

The representatives of Madibaz Radio visited every single stall and were very intrigued. All of the stalls were amazing and were very informative. Each stall knew their products very well and were able to answer every question thrown their way. The two stalls that we were most fond of were: Blaawklippen and Douglas Green.

  • Blaawklippen:

According to their website, Blaawklippen is one of South Africa’s oldest wine estates and produce award-winning wine. They don’t only focus on wine, but also make brandy, gin, bubbly and a whole range of other popular beverages. On the day of the wine show however, they only brought their brandy collection, which was the main reason why they stood out among the rest.

The reason we were so intrigued by this stall was because of their presentation and of course, the great taste of their brandy. We spoke to a gentleman named Fanie Fourie who explained everything to us in detail; mainly how the brandy was made and why it had such a different taste. We tasted the normal one and another sweet dessert one. To find more information about Blaawklippen, you can visit their page ( and their social media pages (@Blaawklippen).

  • Douglas Green:

Douglas Green is a winery from the Western Cape but also makes various sherry. They came to the tasting with their sherry which was made all the way from Spain. They had a cream, medium dry and pale cream sherry which tasted amazing. “Their sherry had a unique taste; it wasn’t too sweet and was very smooth. I’ve always been skeptical of drinking sherry, but this made me strongly reconsider”, said Triss Msabane, Madibaz Radio photographer.

Their website address is for more information.

Overall, the experience was sublime and extremely informative. Everyone who attended left with a couple of bought bottles and a better understanding of their favorite drinks, and were more than willing to go back the next evening since the tasting went on for three days.


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