By: Charmaine Blose

The Nelson Mandela Youth Convention, a youth development initiative presented by the department of student Governance and development a division of student affairs, started from the 30th of July-01 August 2018; a full three days at Madibaz Indoor Sports Center. 

Throughout the past 2 days, the convention has been engaged in vigorous engagements and topics, with guest speakers who are well knowledged and versed in their academic specifics. Day three was the final day for the convention. The first speaker was Ms Insaaf Isaacs from Cape Town University. Her topic was on The Essence of Good Governance in the context of Deepening Democracy and Reflections from theory and practice. During her speech she challenged the crowd to find an unusual thing they had discovered about someone who was no longer friends with them. A microphone went around the room while people were discussing what they had in common. At the end of the discussion, people found out that they in fact had a lot in common rather than what meets the eye.

So, what is good governance as per Insaaf speech?

This were some of the important points she made in terms of decolonization:

  1. Rule of law
  2. Transparency opens to public scrutiny
  3. Responsiveness the quality of reacting quickly and positively
  4. Consensus oriented decision-making process in which group members develop and agree to support

Opening democracy:

  • Deepening  democracy is contingent on the organisation of collective actors who are affected by the following factors
  • Economic /Market
  • Social
  • Political

The audience was appoiointed to do a poll live online based on political questions and democracy with the youth. She ended her speech with a question and food of  thought which questioned “ What will you do knowing what you have in common with others around you”?.

There  was a panel discussion on  Africanisation and decolonisation of higher education: why and what needs to be on done? by Misheck Mugabe: SAUS President Mbulelo Mandlana, Prince Mashele and Prof Andre’ Keet. “ More government intervention in the decolonization of the institutions of the south Africa”, said SAUS President  Misheck Mugabe.

The panel discussion centered itself on the question and theory of Africanisation and decolonization of South African universities, as well as its complexes and proximity.

There had been a highly accomplished list of guest speakers such as Prof Sibongile Muthwa NMU Vice Chancellor Mcebisi Jonas former Deputy minister of Finance, Athol Trollip Mayor of Port Elizabeth in the last three days,  just to name a few. 

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