By: Charmaine Blose

Port Elizabeth- The Diversity month meeting has recently taken place at North Campus 2nd floor in the New Admin Building.

The meeting took place to discuss all events that will take place in the Month of August. Many of these events are confirmed and noted on the diversity month calendar.

The meeting involved different stakeholders including students and staff who were part of a panel that pitched, opposed or confirmed some of the events being done in case there are clashes taking place. The meeting was chaired by Sikelela Matandela .

This was a brief of what took place at the last meeting and finalization of the diversity month calendar.

This was where stakeholders amended certain portions of the calendar including adding any inputs, change, acknowledgments or agreements on their proposed events. As previously discussed, the music department had aforementioned that they would look into the practicability of developing the date for their concert due to it being on the same day as the national #Total Shutdown against female abuse. The department verbalized that they were at the leading stage of their planning and would not be able to reverse the date. A make up however was attained with those accompanying the concert who were in agreement with the cause were inspired to wear black and black masking tapes as a form of a silent protest. Thus paying respect to the cause but not disturb the undertaking of the music department.

The month of August has a plethora of events that will cater to different interests and mindsets. The calendar of August has been posted on memo for students to access, just to explain the background behind Diversity month and the university’s stance on the concept of diversity month.

Diversity Month is a Nelson Mandela University initiative about advance and ability, as well as motivation for change and constructing social union. NMU staff who will continue with the university for a much longer duration are accepting the requirement for transparency, variety, and allocation of familiar view, aim and university’s student focused access.

The deliberate concerns which govern Nelson Mandela University’s diversity that were formerly buried and kept for private talk among students outside lecture halls, can now have bureaucratic affairs of climate ability, lived experience and ideology through the diversity month initiative.

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