Prof Thuli Madonsela: Social justice is about fair distribution of opportunities.

By: Sisanda Ngongoma

Port Elizabeth- Former Public protector Professor Thuli Madonsela, delivered her social justice lecture at the Nelson Mandela University South Campus on Thursday[ 19 July 2018]. 

Prof. Madonsela opened her lecture by addressing  and defending the late revolutionary giant Nelson Mandela against  allegations of being called a “sell out”, saying that he played a pivotal role in the struggle as one of the icons who placed South Africa on higher ground when it comes to social justice.

“When people talk about social justice and about life and times of Nelson Mandela, it is important to remember what he stood for”, she said.

She also emphasized that Nelson Mandela stood for world peace and equality for all.

“He understood he was part of the collective, he always remembered to honor the collective and of course he took responsibility because he was a member of the team but also a captain”, she added.

However, Professor Madonsela called on Mandela students to use their privilege of education to write the next chapter by joining the M plan for social justice and using their academic intellect to assist the government with the M plan. 

Social justice is about fair distribution of opportunities, resources and burdens of society as well as between societies. Social justice is between two people who co-exist and social justice between groups that co-exist.

She also added that the value of equality in the constitution is presented as an inspirational value.

” The constitution paints visions of  future values that are fundamental basic entitlements of citizens. Including fundamental human rights and social economic rights.”said Thuli

Madonsela further described ,”There is no equality socially because women still bare the burden of looking after the disabled and the elderly, while  200 000 families are headed by 15-year old’s.”

she further alluded, “When dealing with social injustice we need look at justice for all, not just in terms of color, but gender and age as well.”

She concluded the lecture by saying that instead of complaining about leaving the poor behind, we must help them with statistics to predict the future.

“ We not going to end social injustice alone we need to connect our lights. When spider webs unit they can even tie up a lion! We are capable”.

Well known for the time she served as the country’s Public protector with integrity and fearlessness, the Auditorium was filled to capacity by Mandela staff, students and  Port Elizabeth community.


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