NMU Hosts a Two-day Nelson Mandela Colloquium.

By: Sidima Mfeku

Port Elizabeth- Nelson Mandela University hosted a two-day colloquium in honour and celebration of late former President Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday. 

The executive dean of education Dr Muki Moeng explained this as a strategy to bring the platform for an exchange of views and ideals on development in Nelson Mandela Bay .

“This location [Missionvale campus] is meaningful because we view that we need to be part of the community in order  for us to be able to solve and address the challenges that we are faced with”. Described Moeng.

She said part of the development involved bringing, education closer to the people.

“We have our foundation phase building strategically placed here because we believe that education, especially primary education is important and we need to bring it to the centre of the community”. Moeng added.

Amongst some of the speakers in the colloquium was Nelson Mandela University Chancellor Dr Geraldine Fraser-Moleketi and Vice Chancellor Prof Sibongile Muthwa.

Prof Muthwa said, “The Mandela Centenary Year will see heightened efforts to mark the life and legacy of a man who dedicated his life in service to his people and country”.

The Vice Chancellor elaborated on the importance of education,drawing from the  Mandela Centenary programme in the academic enterprise, which resonates with the importance Mandela placed on education. 

According to the University’s Chancellor Dr Fraser-Moleketi, Nelson Mandela took pride and deemed it extremely important for one to be educated in order to change the world. 

she said  Nelson Mandela understood the importance and centrality of education for democracy and freedom,  in ensuring that education is taken to greater heights.

“The whole focus on humanizing education and Nelson Mandela University will assert itself  in uniting and driving Africa forward in academic excellence”. Chancellor Fraser-Moleketi described.







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