By: Charmaine Blose

Port Elizabeth- Diversity month’s initial meeting was held yesterday- 19 July- at North Campus in the executive seminar room from 13h00 to 14h00. The meeting was chaired by Sikelela Matandela.

The session served as the initial meeting in order to coordinate activities from the various departments, faculties and other stakeholders within the institution for diversity month within the month of August. To ensure that they complement one another, the goal is to develop a meaningful calendar. The diversity meeting stakeholders include a panel of staff  and students representing many departments such as Arts and Culture, Law, Music and Residence Assistance.

The  meeting included a number of discussion points that had not yet been planned for diversity month due to a number of factors, seeing that many colleagues were on leave, as it was the recess period. Those who were present at the meeting presented their proposed draft programming. The CANDRAD confirmed that the events throughout the month of August are as follows:

  • Democracy and women seminar  2 August South Campus, Council chambers
  • Democracy seminar with Prof Steven Friedman, South Campus
  • Student Colloquium on democracy, North Campus.

These dates are subject to change later on.

CANDRAD is an organisation based at Nelson Mandela North Campus and is the one that organises and confirms all the University’s events.

One of the stakeholders from the music department raised a point on how the university does not acknowledge or rally the music students department, until they get acknowledged nationally or even internationally. “It also feels like the university needs validation from international acknowledgement before they as an institution start appreciating them”, one of the stakeholders said. He went on to say that when the institution holds varsity cup they should consider students from the music department who are also well- sought after to perform during the varsity cup, instead of paying other celebrities to come and perform.

Before the closing it was decided that the diversity month calendar would be finalised and issued before the commencement of August.

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