Student Counselling Spends 67 Minutes With Students.

By: Simamkele Mazondwa

Port Elizabeth- In celebration of Mandela Day,  the Student Counselling team from the Nelson Mandela University decided to spend their 67 minutes engaging with students within the university through fun games and provision of refreshments at North campus.

“The 18th of July is a very important day to us, we take it serious to honour the legacy of our forever iconic legend, Nelson Mandela. The main reason we decided to spend our event like this is because we trying to kill the barrier between staff members and students within the University”, said event organiser and student activist, Litemba Ndendela.

“Our aim in the future is to create partnership with other faculties and also in terms of sponsorships because we would love to make effort in line with making 67 minutes every day”, Ndendela added.

Some of the activities that took place on the day included games such as 30 Seconds where awesome prizes were won, both students and staff members participated. I.T. student Sipho Majali, expressed his views about Mandela day saying that he was delighted doing something for Mandela day.

“ “It doesn’t matter whether a cat is black or white, what matters is that cat is able to eat the mouse” That is one of my favourite quotes which I learnt from the late Mandela. I love what is happening here, the unity, the bond is exactly what Madiba stood for”, said Majali.

Majali added by saying  he also wishes racism would end within the University as diversity is one of the things Mr Mandela stood for.

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