Andrew Guilder Tackles Climate Change

By: Charmaine Blose

Port Elizabeth- The department of environmental affairs hosted a stakeholder engagement workshop on the national climate change bill at The Beach hotel.

“Climate change is the variation in our expanded experience of climate over a period of time”, said the Minister of Environmental Affairs, Dr Edna Molelwa after publishing the national climate change bill for public commentary.

The bill states that environmental pollution climate change constitutes a critical danger to human civilization and [that] the environment needs a productive, continuous and well-integrated feedback. “The aim of the bill is to construct adequate climate change feedback and to assure the long term, fair change to a  strong and lower carbon economy”, said Dr Molelwa.

“We need to put mechanisms in place. The two main types of mechanisms are: 

1) Mitigation will stock the human impact on the climate.

2) Put the mechanisms that will allow ‘us’ to deal with challenges as they arise in place”, says Director of climate legal Andrew Guilder.

People need to understand that the climate is changing, but as inhabitants we can’t just stop it. The question we need to ask ourselves is: can it be limited? The worry applies to humans and not the earth.

“One may ask about the reliability of the predictions we read about daily, but the predictions are reliable to a factor of 50%. The law states that humans need to act in a precautionary manner, which means to reduce greenhouse gases”, concludes Guilder.

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