Nutritious and Healthy Food on Campus for Students

By: Ntombifuthi Blose

Port Elizabeth- Back in 2017 the Tshwane Univerity of Technology (TUT) students protested against unhealthy food being sold on campus. Classes were suspended at TUT in Pretoria West. Students were protesting and got violent, demanding inexpensive standard meals. A number of police officers were at the campus since huge rocks were being used to bar the main entrance to the university. Usually students would be protesting for tuition fees, NSFAS and so on, but this time the student protests took another turn.

The condition of the food served at the principle kitchen is not even close to be contemplated as healthy. “The food is of extreme poor quality, there is diarrhea from that the food they sell”, said Gift Mashini, South African Student Congress (SASCO). This raised a question of why this food still relevant at our university. This compelled me as a writer to investigate the quality of food on campus and how healthy it really is. Some students from NMU are also complaining about the food sold at South Campus. They say the food is not good nor is it healthy for them to consume. As a journalist, I made my way to the campus to find out how students really feel about the food that is being served to them. I spoke to a group of guys and girls and the girls commented by saying that some days are better than others, but usually it’s not nutritious and also mentioned how the food is usually finished before students are out of their 5pm class. Even though the food at the cafeteria is the cheapest compared to other food outlets on campus students are still not satisfied. The guys replied by saying that the only thing that taste good is fried chips. Even though it’s not healthy but it’s the only thing that tastes good on the menu. The guys concluded by saying the food is not healthy but they have no choice but to buy, since they don’t have much of a choice.

Every year from the 9th – 15th of October, South African s celebrate National Nutrition week (NNW).  Amid (NNW) Information is given out to free all South Africans to make healthier food choices.

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