Gqom vs Trap

By: Zenani Mhlongo

Port Elizabeth- Madibaz Radio, in collaboration with First Friday held their first Gqom vs Trap (GvT) event for the year at Dockside Harbour. 

Dockside was the place to be on Friday when our first GvT came into action. This event was made possible by the Madibaz Radio marketing team alongside the First Friday crew, which is an events team that consists of four of Port Elizabeth’s best DJ’s.

GvT is an event that gives two of the most popular genres in South Africa (Gqom and Trap) an opportunity to go head-to-head to see which one is best. The crowd appreciated both genres and were extremely exited about the DJ lineup. On the decks representing Trap we had: Muzero, Mleister and Mavava. On the other hand, our DJ’s representing Gqom were: Kumnandi, Justin Muzika, Kbellz and DJ Athie.

When we spoke to 5FM resident DJ, DJ Athie to ask how his experience at GvT was, he said, “For someone who has stayed in PE for a lot of years, I think the crowd is responding quite well ’cause most people know me here”.  When we asked what his big break was he said it was the 5FM residency and most people would tune in to listen to his mixes and that is how his collaboration with OKMalumKoolkat on their hit single ‘Isamqhe’ came about. He then told us in depth that another popular DJ named DJ Sandiso would normally listen to his mixes and told him he wants him [Athie] to do a remix of that song, but when he sent him a different version of the same song they decided to actually use that one instead, with OKMalumKoolkat on the vocals.

Another one of the Gqom DJ’s was Kbellz, who is also a resident DJ for Madibaz Radio. We asked him what inspired him to become a DJ and he said: “There are two DJ’s who go by the name of Black Coffee and DJ Shimza, they’ve played a huge role in my life just by me watching them. I’d see how the crowd would go crazy for them and the joy that their set brought to people and that is exactly what I wanted”. He said if he was not a DJ, he would most probably be more focused on school since he is pursuing a career in Logistics. To listen to Kbellz’s mixes, tune in to The Diba Drive with Max the DJ every Friday at 17:30 on Madibaz Radio.

When we asked Mleister, who was one of our Trap DJ’s what the most exciting thing about being a DJ is he said, “When you see people are enjoying your set every time you play, that just makes you feed off their energy and [that] is an unbelievable feeling”. He also said DJ Fresh was his biggest influence and that made him want him to become a Hip-Hop DJ. Mleister is also a qualified Sound Technician and has worked for the Grahamstown National Arts festival and has also made a few radio ads.

Over all, GvT was a very successful and had people talking about it throughout social media. Luckily, this isn’t the only GvT for the year. The next one is coming later on in the year with a few surprises… YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS IT!

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