Vuka Sizwe Youth Choir Talent Show

By: Ntombifuthi Blose

Port Elizabeth- Vuka Sizwe Youth Choir held a talent concert at the North campus Auditorium at Nelson Mandela University yesterday Friday 18 May at 18:00 pm.

The talent show opened up with the choir doing a beautiful ensemble ‘Kwela, Kwela’ made famous by the award winning South African afro pop act Mafikizolo. The theme of the stage production was the 1950’s glam wardrobe. The musical was centered around the lives of black South Africans living in the townships during the time.

The entrance fee was R20 per person since Vuka Sizwe was raising funds to participate in a competition in Cape town.

Vuka Sizwe is an organisation ran by a youth choir which is passionate about music and performing arts. 

The stage production took our emotions from sadness to joy  with the awesome fashion of the 50’s heydays. With a captivating stage presence, the choir delivered well-presented acting skills in the production.

The closing was another highlight of the evening, as the choir sang a Xhosa traditional song, dressed in traditional Xhosa attire while doing ‘ukuxhensa’ which is a Xhosa dance, the crowd cheered and applauded showing that they were truly enjoying themselves.  

Overall it was refreshing to see Vuka Sizwe Choir talent show. The drive the youth choir has is bound to get noticed outside Port Elizabeth.

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