Prime Minister of Lower Saxony Visits NMU

By: Ntombifuthi Blose

Port Elizabeth- Prime Minister of Lower Saxony, President Stephan Weil and his delegation had a visit to the Nelson Mandela University on Thursday.

The Prime Minister of Lower Saxony came for a 3 day visit to the Eastern Cape, from the 8th to the 10th of May. NMU had a delegation from Lower Saxon University, a state in Germany. The delegation was here to find NMU’s connection to their state.

Among the attendees from the university was Professor Cheryl Foxtrot, executive dean: Teaching and Learning, who was chairing the meeting. Including international office staff members, 3 students that will be part of the exchange program will go abroad to Germany. Kabelo Mapokgwane, one of the students going over to Germany, will be going during the second semester. Mapokgwane will work with a former student team in the University of Stad and is hoping to bring the knowledge he will gain there back to the NMU team. He also mentioned that they got a new team, as they have been trying to build an electric car since 2011.

Seeing that the university is behind the curve that’s majority due to lack of funding, they are trying to revive and build the team again by building the car first; so they could attract sponsors in the next two years.

Thanks to different pronged alliances: The German Academic Exchange Service DAAD, the University of Braunschweig and Wolfenbuettel in Germany; Students in NMU’s engineering departments are adequate to cross the high-tech world of the car industry.

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