NMU future economists visit Coega IDZ

By: Esethu Matetu

Economics is the social science that examines how individuals, businesses and entire societies manage scarce resources. Resources are, by nature, limited. The Nelson Mandela University Economics students took a field trip to Coega IDZ on Wednesday. The trip was indeed a success, students were very excited and seeing a promising future in the career path they are in.

What made the trip more exciting and successful is the fact that it was organised by a 3rd year Economics student Asanda Koyo, who worked along with Thembinkosi Maduna from Coega IDZ. Mr Maduma was the tour guide and took his time to explain more about the field.

The field trip was eye-opening to the students since they learned more about what they are studying and that there is more to economics than they know. ‘I learnt that there is a greater side of economics, or rather more practical side of it. How everything starts from scratch – it’s like building a house, setting up a good foundation…with all the work you learn in University being a guideline. Then the execution part – putting pieces of a puzzle together, bringing about employment structures in order to uplift economic standing’, said Sibongokuhle Klass, 3rd year Diploma in Economics student.

When the students got there they met Mr Samuel who is an Economist who graduated from the University of Johannesburg in Financial Economics, and was a lecture before coming to Coega IDZ. Mr Samuel explained to them what they do in their department, he said that they focus more in market research and attract investors and advise them. He further prepared the students about the challenges they will meet once they are economists and unfortunately was not with them throughout the rest of the tour.

As Mr Maduna was showing them around, he mentioned that they have about 14 zones at Coega but only managed to take the students to 5 of them.

Economics is very important to society and this excursion made the students look forward to their future. “This trip exceeded my expectations. Initially, I had such limited knowledge regarding the world of economics and its applications outside the classroom, but today I got a brief glimpse into its broader usage in real life’’, said economic student, Thanduxolo Piliso.

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