King Dube Birthday Celebration

By: Zenani Mhlongo

Port Elizabeth – Friday, 4 May marked Mc Arthur’s Pool the place everyone envied to be. 

Socialite King Dube brought his three-day birthday celebration to Port Elizabeth last week, where he had South Africa’s favourite celebrities entertain his humongous crowd.

The event was held at the Mc Arthur’s Pool area next to Cubana in Humewood. Madibaz Radio was given the opportunity to be part of this marvelous event and to also mingle and get to know the celebrities.

Among these superstars was the ever so beautiful Khanyi Mbau, who is a singer, actress and  TV presenter. She was the MC of the event and also the one person everyone was looking forward to seeing. The crowd went absolutely wild when she walked on stage and her energy portrayed what a lovely time she was having. When asked if she still gets nervous every time she stands in front of a crowd she answered: “The fact that I have to stand in front of a lot of people just kills me, but the fact that all these people came here to see me makes me cope; that’s the only thing that makes me feel [like] I need to do this. People left their own homes to come be with me tonight, so that’s the biggest motivation I have”. She also mentioned to us that she will be producing her first film called ‘The Red Room’ and will be coming out at Ster Kenikor soon, which is something we can all look forward to.

We also spoke to Dj Tira also known as ‘Malume Bearings’. He explained that the experience had been great and they were all well taken care of. He also said that Port Elizabeth is one of his favourite places to come to because the people are so friendly and the ‘vibe’ is always amazing. The advice he’d give to young people who would like to become like him is to:”find yourself, be who you are. We are all different characters so find yourself and present yourself to the world as you are, and people will love you’.

The event was  filled will lots of energy from the get-go. Many other amazing celebrities entertained the crowd to their full capacity. There were the likes of Ms Cosmo, Dj Cindo, Lvovo Derango, Danger and many others from the Afrotainment team (Dj Tira’s Record Label).

Words of gratitude and absolute joy filled the man of the moment when we asked how he felt. He thanked everybody for spending his birthday with him and explained that PE is the best place to be and has shown him love the past three events he had pulled off. He also mentioned that the reason he hosted his party here was because “PE people know how to party”. When we asked if he will bring his birthday tour this side again next year he said:”Trust me, it’s gonna come back again next year! Next time it will be bigger and better, we will have international artists and everything exciting coming, so be ready!”

The birthday tour then went on to Durban and Cape Town for the remainder of the weekend.

This celebration was definitely the talk of the town, with very funny and exciting stories from everybody who attended. For those who did not make it, but wish they did; have no fear because next year will be BIGGER AND BETTER!

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