A nutrition scheme aimed at aiding disadvantaged students.

By: Andisile Klaas

1100 is the current number of students benefiting from the Nelson Mandela University’s Nutrition Scheme, a programme aimed at assisting disadvantaged students through monthly food parcels distributed across all campus clinics.

Many students come to varsity seeking a better future despite their disadvantaged backgrounds and lack of financial support, in a bid to lessen the struggles of students, the Nelson Mandela University’s Campus Health Services has a nutrition programme that distributes food parcels on a monthly basis.

The food parcels consist of basic necessities such as cereal, canned food, rice and vegetables to name a few. The food is provided for by Tigerbrands while the vegetables come from the campus garden in North Campus, Summerstrand.

The programme was made available to students from disadvantaged backgrounds who cannot afford food and also students who don’t receive any contribution from NSFAS or any other bursary. In order to benefit from this programme, students must register with the Campus Health Services, they are then screened to check if they qualify for the programme.

The food parcels are distributed every day to make provision for students who can’t come on Wednesdays, which is the day when most students come. However, for the past few week students haven’t been able to receive food parcels since the stock was depleted, this was due to students not being able to get their allowances from NSFAS in time and that caused an increase demand for the food parcels.

For more information, you can contact your campus clinic:

South Campus: 041- 504 2174

North Campus: 041-504 1149

Missionvale Campus: 041-504 1374

2nd Ave. Campus: 041-504 3762

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