Societies: Why you should join one

A society refers to a group of individuals broadly distinguished from others on the basis of shared interests, occupation, characteristics, goals and even a common culture. Societies play a huge role in human development and the following article explores the importance of societies and why you should join one.

Varsity is a diverse environment that gives us the opportunity to sharpen our skills, develop our potential and it becomes a crucial aspect of our lives when it comes to finding ourselves and forming our identities. The Nelson Mandela University has numerous societies ranging from Professional, Religious, Arts and Culture, Politics and LGBTIQ Rights to name a few and choosing one that speaks to you is key.

For me, the main purpose of a society is to create a safe space and sense of belonging to its members and that is a necessity in varsity where you can easily feel isolated and overwhelmed. That safe space and sense of belonging is achieved through socializing with people who have the same interests and even share the same sentiments as you.

We come to varsity to seek our purpose and what we are meant to do in this life, you can also find your purpose by joining a society, since they are also formed to bring about change and create awareness on certain topics and there’s nothing more rewarding like seeing the impact and change a society brings to your life and the lives of others. Societies also open doors for personal growth and the diversity within them enables one to learn about topics and other life aspects that seemed foreign before.

We live in a world that has a tendency to conform to social norms and those unwritten social rules and that also comes with a tendency of diminishing the value of concepts we don’t understand. Representation is key in societies as they are diverse and they advocate for the underdogs and outcasts. We have societies that fight for the rights and inclusion of women and the LQBTIQ community.

Teamwork makes the dream work and that is where the importance of societies lie, they are these spaces filled with individuals who share the same goal and vision. Joining one might help with personal growth, bringing change and even making lifelong friends in the process.

By: Andisile Klaas

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