International Women’s Peace Group Voice out in Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth – IWPG let out their cry about the coercive conversion programs taking place in the Republic of Korea that kidnapped a young woman in July 2016 for not subscribing to Christianity and she was later killed.

On the late afternoon IWPG gathered at the square just in front of the Kwantu Towers, Port Elizabeth in memory of Ji-in Ku (South Korean girl) a victim of coercive conversion programs. These programs include pastors that lock-up people who do not want to change their religion. They locked up Ji-in Ku with the help of her family. She reported these acts to the President of the country pleading to the president to put an end to these programs as they abuse the country’s right of Freedom of Religion. Sadly she passed away.

The IWPG together with the Port Elizabeth citizens wore mostly black, decorated the tables with flowers and wrote heart warming messages for Ji-in Ku to honour her death.

The IWPG hosted this to share Ji-in Ku’s story, intensify the fight against the coercive conversion programs and to encourage the practise of the Freedom of Religion and also restore peace in all countries. “We work in small communities first and it’s already making a riple effect to other communities and creating a positive mindset in communities” said Caron Strydom the representative of the IWPG. The IWPG will still continue with their initiative.

 Alulutho Qundani


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