MBDA announces new head


Port Elizabeth -The Mandela Business Development Agency (MBDA) introduced its Chief Executive Officer in a press briefing held at Tramways this Thursday.

Ashraf Adam will head the agency following a whole year of the agency not having a CEO which consequently led to the agency underperforming and having unfinished projects.

The board chairman Mputumi “Phil” Goduka described the process that led to the hiring of the Adams as procedural, fair and legal following allegations of Adam allegedly failing the psychometric test required for the lucrative position.

After two rounds of advertised recruitment processes had not produced any positive results a headhunting company was hired to find the CEO.

“The head-hunter did everything, got shortlists, interviewed people themselves- actually the last group of people [who were interviewed by] the head-hunter, were most interviewed because the head-hunter had to interview [candidates] for two hours and then they had to come to us to be interviewed another hour” said Goduka.

The newly elected CEO who has over 25 years of experience in the professional environment said he was happy to relocate to the Bay and will do all in his power to promote urban renewal and prevent gentrification.

“My vision for the MBDA is to build on the purpose it was set up for- for it to be an agile implementing agent for the municipality” said Adam.

“We are owned by the municipality, we take our mandate from the municipality, we get our budget from the municipality, in that respect the municipalities 15-year vision will guide us, broadly speaking, but specifically we are in excellent relationship with the municipality” added Adam.

Adam added that the agency has become the facilities manager for the city and they will embrace that until the city can maintain its own facilities. He added that they do not have the skill inhouse to do it.

The facilities include the Tramways Building, Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Helenvale Resource Centre, the Campanile, Uitenhage Science and Technology Centre, the Athenaeum and the Donkin Reserve.

Damning reports revealed how the agency had only managed to use a small portion of its budget and has not been performing well. However, the new boss is positive on the plans of the agency.

Naziziphiwo Buso 



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