Yoliswa Yako elected as NMB chairperson of MPAC


Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Councillor, Yoliswa Nomampondomise Yako, was elected as the Chairperson of the Municipal Public Accounts Committee (MPAC) this Thursday by overwhelming majority.

The Democratic Alliance and its coalition partners voted with the EFF in the nomination making Yako the first EFF councillor to occupy executive   office in the Nelson Mandela Bay.

During an adjournment of the council Patriotic Alliance Councillor, Marlon Daniels, named the nomination of Yako, as a reward for saving the party during the vote of no confidence in council last year.

“With this appointment of the MPAC chairperson position, this was offered to EFF by Athol Trollip as soon as they had voted in his favour  from being removed as Mayor. The Black Caucus (opposition parties in the metro) was contacted by the EFF to ask us to support their candidate Yoli Yako, they have said to us they want an overwhelming majority to support the appointment of Yoliswa Yako for MPAC  chairperson position” said Cllr Daniels.

 Daniels further alluded that the EFF is fooling the broader public and its constituency when they say that they are not in coalition with DA. “They wanted the Black Caucus to support them so that it doesn’t look so obvious out there in the public, and as the Black Caucus we took the decision that we are not going to support that position hence the reason we abstained, to expose them about this arrangement that Trollip has gifted them for saving him “said Cllr Daniels.

Although Yako said she was not sure what the role of the MPAC Chairperson is and that she and EFF will try and acclimatize to the new role. “MPAC chair should be part of the opposition and therefore as EFF we want to be vigilant in making sure there is no corruption that is taking place” added Yako.

Yako also disputed claims of the new position being an arrangement with the DA saying that the EFF and the ANC did not always agree on certain matters. “I think its politicking, its pollitricking, I think its bitter politicians who are not getting the attention they need and therefore divert any kind of progress towards it being an arrangement” added Yako.

National Spokesperson, Dr Mbuyiseni Ndlozi – although first not aware of this decision said that the party welcomes this decision and defended the position saying the EFF Councillors did the right thing.  “It’s not really an executive position it’s like Themba Godi’s position in parliament which [relates] to public accounts, we are giving warning shots that we are ready to govern as well” said Ndlozi.

 Ndlozi also added this decision was only taken in order to “sustain the public purse out of the hands out of the criminals of the ANC.”

Naziziphiwo Buso



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