Dora Nginza Dr accused of assaulting minor



Port Elizabeth- In the quiet Coega village community I met a deeply devout Christian family and a daughter who is visibly traumatized after being allegedly assaulted physically and verbally by well-known Port Elizabeth Gynaecologist Oncologist, Dr Mfundo Mabenge.

Dr Mabenge allegedly assaulted 16-year-old girl at the Summerstrand Seventh Day Adventist church over the weekend in full presence of the girl’s mother and other church members.

“He came to me and my sister and another woman during the church’s lunch hour and started shouting at us [my sister and I] saying that we were naughty and that we don’t listen. He then turned to look at me and said my behaviour was worse, I then stepped back as he came closer. He poked me in the face then slapped me” said the minor.

It is alleged that Mabenge followed the girl to the bathroom as she was going to freshen her face up after she had been assaulted by the Dr who is also a church elder. As the girl was leaving towards the bathroom she alerted her mom, Koliswa Hoyi, who then questioned why her child was hit by the Doctor.

“My mom then asked him why he had hit me, he then said that he is going to hit me again then began slapping and punching me,” added the teen.
According to the Hoyi the misunderstanding between the two families started at a church camp in Cape Town where her daughter could not sew a skirt belonging to Dr Mabenge’s daughter. The mother, Nontuthuzelo Mabenge, then demanded that the skirt be sewn saying the spirit of the church was to always assist one another which she and her husband have always done. However, the misunderstanding was seemingly resolved by the two girls as they did each other make up on the trip.

Naziziphiwo Buso

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