IPTS to roll out this month

DSC_0175Port Elizabeth-The Nelson Mandela Bay (NMB) launched transport month in Cleary Park this Monday, which will possibly see the roll out of the Libhongolethu Integrated Public Transport Service (IPTS) bus system.

The scandal marred IPTS system promises to bring about safe and reliable public transport to people in the Bay. NMB Roads and Transport Councilor Rano Kayser said that it was the mandate of the administration within a year to bring safe and reliable transport system to the people.

“We want to bring an inclusive [system] where the people of the Northern Areas, the people of Nobuhle and the people of Njoli square will benefit out of the integrated transport system.”

Cllr Kayser further said that transport is in the center of any economy to grow and that it important to invest in the transport sector.

 A local taxi driver, Faried Schovell, disagreed vehemently with Cllr Kayser saying that the new system is not inclusive as only a few drivers were given the formal training that will allow them to be integrated into the system.  He added that this system will only benefit the owners of the cars and not the current taxi drivers.

NMB Executive Mayor Athol Trollip then said that they cannot provide public transport without the collaboration with the taxi associations, the forums and organizations that represent people who provide daily transport to the public.

“We all have to use the roads, they all belong to us and don’t only belong to the people that own cars.  We must therefore use the roads with respect. “

He added that we as South Africa have an apartheid legacy where black and colored people lived at the peripheries of the city, which are far away from opportunities such as education facilities and hospitals. This meant that poor people use more money on transport than affluent people.

Trollip further said that the IPTS system will be affordable and hoped that residents of the NMB will make use of this transport system.

Naziziphiwo Buso

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