Isaac Wilson’s single release party closes off women’s month


Port Elizabeth – As women’s month was coming to an end on the 31st of August, Isaac Wilson decided to close it on a very high note with his “show love” single release party.

The single party was held at the Tramways building, with heavyweights in attendance such as: Prince Infinite, AJ and Mo Mahashe. Also performances from Azi and Wilson’s cousin were enjoyed.

The single, “show love” is about people who went through abuse in their lives and those who are still going through abuse, especially women and children. Wilson gave his painful and educational story before his performance of how, he and his mother experienced the abuse in the hands of his father, but through all of that he still show love.

He performed his first song titled ‘Higher’ which officially opened the party and brought the house down. Prince Infinite later then performed four songs that spoke about love, and dedicated to women that played a role in his life and showing love to all the women out there. AJ concluded the first half of the performances with two awe-inspiring poems and the cover of the Destiny’s child song called ‘love’.

After the interval, a dialogue about the issue of abuse in homes, and how the term of “trash” was derived when referring to men was opened. One lady who was a member of the audience explained that the term is not about men who cheat, but about the ones who badly treat women and the men who stand on the sidelines and not speak against their friends who are culprits of abuse.

Mo Mahashe entertained the audience with his performances were inspired by the beauty of women. Wilson then closed the show by performing his latest single ‘show love’ featuring with Mo and then another a song titled ‘pain’ with his cousin B-alone.

The song ‘Trend’ featuring Azi speaks to people who suffer from low self-esteem, it encourages them to love themselves. Those who were at the single party can say that Isaac surely did close women’s month on a very high note.

Nosipho Keuti

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