Suspected robber killed and another arrested, Kwazakele


Port Elizabeth –Police of  the SAPS Operational Command Centre (OCC) members shot and killed one suspected robber, and arrested another in Kwazakhele on Friday.

This follows after four police members on patrol in Mbilini Road, Kwazakhele at 01:15am, spotted two suspicious persons walking in the street. On confronting the two in order to search them, one suspect ran away.

 Two police members followed the suspect on foot. After a short distance, the fleeing suspect turned and pointed the police members with a fire arm. Police then shot and killed him. The fire arm found on the deceased suspect was a 9mm pistol with 8 rounds of ammunition.

Meanwhile police searched the other suspect and found a large knife in his possession. The 50 year old male suspect has been arrested and charged with possession of a dangerous weapon.

The deceased suspect, 28 year old Anele Maputo, as well as the 50 year old suspect, were strongly suspected of being on the verge of committing robbery in the area.

The acting Motherwell Cluster Commander, Brigadier Ernie Neveling stated that,”attacks on police, especially when fire arms are used, will be acted upon with the full force and capabilities of the SAPS.”

 The 50 year-old suspect will be appearing before the New Brighton Magistrates Court on Monday 4 September.

Lwando Nomoyi

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