Port Elizabeth – Just over a 100 people from the EFF, ACDP, DA, Mandela University EFF Student Command, COPE and SaveSA marched from the Port Elizabeth New Law Courts to the City Hall today to handover a memorandum to Nelson Mandela Metropolitan mayor, Athol Trollip.

The memorandum is a joint document that supports the axing of South African President, Jacob Zuma by secret ballot in parliament. EFF’s Yoliswa Yako hosted the programme, which had representatives from each political organisation speak on what they hoped the secret ballot would bring to South Africa.

Nelson Mandela Bay Deputy Mayor, Mongameli Bobani said they were here with his constituency to show solidarity to South Africans and they are saying that Zuma must go, and that they are sick and tired of corruption and some few individuals who are looting the economy and taking money out of South Africa. He added that if Zuma does not fall today that they were not going to stop [marching] everyday up until Zuma is out. DA Eastern Cape Leader, Nqaba Bhanga said that if the Vote of No Confidence is not successful in parliament, they have other court cases against Jacob Zuma that they are confident that they will win.

Bhanga said that he would mobilise a million DA followers to march against the President. In his address Bhanga said, “ANC is corrupt to the core, from right to left and in the middle and when the results are announced it will be the funeral of the ANC whether [MPs] they vote for Zuma or whether they vote Zuma out, it will be a declaration that the ANC is bad.”

Nelson Mandela Bay Mayor, Athol Trollip, accepted the memorandum but said that he is not sure that the vote will yield any positive results as the MPs will vote for their meal tickets. He said that he does not share the same excitement with the country about the Vote of No Confidence, as the people that are voting today are the same people that voted for Zuma in the past seven votes of no confidence. He said he wants the heroes to be known, but said that “it is the beginning of the end for the ANC.”
The Vote of no confidence is set to begin at 2pm on Tuesday where the secret ballot will take place.

Naziziphiwo Buso


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