“It is now or never, let us fight the struggle of a black child” – EFFsc 

Port Elizabeth – The Economic Freedom Fighters student command says that they are joining the fight against challenges that black students and parents are faced with in South Africa.

The organisation says that it sees the need to not only think about wining votes, but work hard to liberate people. This comes a few weeks before the SRC elections at Nelson Mandela University will commence.

On the 5th of June, Herald Live reported that EFF members from ward 5 protested at Shoprite in Govan Mbeki, demanding that the supermarket should share its wealth with struggling students and that, there should be transformation in the management of Shoprite. The party also called for the end to the “white monopoly capital”.

The Nelson Mandela University EFFSC, says it is in full support of the move. Former chairperson of the EFFSC at South Campus Nkosiyoxolo Zane Mncam, said that as the organization they see it necessary for Shoprite to assist underprivileged students as that supermarket “has gained its wealth from the people”. Mncam proceeded to say that the EFF and EFFSC want Shoprite to give permanent positions to people that have worked there for more than three months as casual workers.

“The vision behind this program is for the capital monopoly to fund the struggle of students, as you would know that we come from diffrernt backgrounds but we share something in common as black children which is that historically we have been disadvantaged and we have inherited poverty”, says Mncam.

He further stated that businesses like Shoprite have inherited wealth from the “unjust laws of the past”.

The EFFsc south campus branch secretary Yamkela Skhakes Tengwa expressed that change is not going to come “through public statements when addressing masses for applause”. Tengwa says that as the organization they have decided to take practical actions. Adding that they are doing this by calling for private sector to play a role in the struggle of the students.

The Shoprite management at Govan Mbeki denied commenting and said all questions related to this issue should be directed to the head office in Greenacres. However, the divisional head Corry White said that all questions should be directed to their head office in Cape Town.

Siphamandla Gwinta   








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