Nelson Mandela University Department of Social Development Professions hosted its annual Pledge Ceremony this Thursday. The Ceremony is a compulsory event for fourth year students who are about to go serve in the communities. This intended to get them ready for the working world.

HOD of the Department of Social Development Professions, Dr Soji, said that was to “pledge their service to the discipline, to the profession and the clients that they will be serving.” Soji added that “parents, friends, colleagues in the faculty, and social organisations are invited to witness the ceremony” and that they changed the ceremony from being a first-year event to it being for Fourth years as they saw that they first years did not really understand the importance of the day.

A fourth-year student, Vuyo Diko, said that he felt good about the proceedings of the day and that the keynote’s speaker Mr Lungile Ngwenya advice about how they must carry themselves in the workplace was extremely helpful. Mr Ngwenya urged students to not only follow the instructions of where they will be working but to also remember that they also have their own knowledge that they have learnt at the University.

In the thank you speech Dr Soji also announced that this year was the last year that her fellow colleague, Ms Amanda Calitz, was going to be with the department. The audience members, which was mostly students, let out a loud cry as they expressed their shock and dismay to hear that the lecturer was leaving.

Naziziphiwo Buso

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