NMMU society gives back for Mandela day.


Port Elizabeth- Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Economic Student Society spent its Mandela Day volunteering at the Coega Door of Hope Children’s home in Sydenham on Tuesday. The society brought food, toys, and spent the day playing educational games with the children as part of the 67 minutes for Mandela on Mandela day.

According to the Society chairperson Andiswa Somana they had been collecting the toys for the past semester, and as a society they always do community outreach programmes as part of their yearly programme.

 She further stated that the Community Outreach officer, Asanda Kauma was the one that was in charge of searching for the centre. Kauma said that she had worked for the centre before and felt that it was a centre that was in need – and that they as a society have decided to adopt the Home for the rest of the year to ensure that the 30 kids that live at the Home get the best care that they can get.

Coega door of hope has been in operational since 1998, it began in Motherwell and Wesley Estate has helped over 200 children all under the supervision of Centre Manager Mam Gladys Panda.

Panda expressed how grateful she was for the NMMU society coming to spend time with the children as they need all the help that they can get, as they rely on donations from the public but mostly rely on her church and sponsors from America.  She added “donations are always welcomed and needed” as the children living there mostly range from pre-school to high school pupils.

Naziziphiwo Buso

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