Port Elizabeth- Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, soon to be Nelson Mandela University hosted a Mandela day concert at Missionvale Campus indoor sport centre on Tuesday.

During this prestigious event, Vice-Chancellor of the University, Derrick Swarts gave a key note address in commemoration of the late global icon Nelson Mandela and towards the name change of the University, which is due to be launched on Thursday July 20.

Derrick Swartz urged staff and students to equip themselves with knowledge and skills that help make society a better a place and continue to resemble a society that Nelson Mandela believed in.

According to the Vice- Chancellor the removal of ‘Metropolitan’ from the University name, is for the reason that the university does not only exist within the Bay Metro but in the Western Cape as well.

Re-naming the University to Nelson Mandela University will consequently avoid confusion and bear resemblance of Nelson Mandela’s ideologies.

“Tata Madiba represented social equality, Ubuntu and social justice”

“The university is the one that speaks to the world and so we want the university to resonate its influence and ideas across the continent and the greater world as well.” Swartz said.

In conclusion to his speech, the Vice-chancellor told staff and students present to carefully consider what the name Nelson Mandela means to them.

“To me, the name of Nelson Mandela means an unfinished journey”

“The journey never really ends, but there are just different phases in the transition of a journey, as the higher you go, the more you face difficult challenges.” Described the Vice-Chancellor.

The launch of the new name of the University will take place on Thursday 20th July 2017 at Missionvale Campus indoor sport centre with the presence of Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Lwando Nomoyi



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