Port Elizabeth- Police have arrested a 49-year-old woman for allegedly making false claims about a three-month old baby being abducted by three men, in a black BMW on Monday. The 49-year-old woman appeared in Motherwell magistrate’s court on Thursday.

During court proceedings the state maintained, that false claims about the abduction of the newborn baby is a serious offense, and that bail of R2000 is simply too minimal for the charges that the accused is facing.

The state further argued that the SAPS made use of all necessary resources to locate the missing child, when the accused knew the exact whereabouts of the child.

In defense of the accused, it was argued that bail of R1000 would be a permissible fine for the false claim.

The magistrate came to the decision that bail would be granted at R1000.

The accused is due to appear in court on 29th of June at 8am, as the case is still under further investigation.

According to police spokesperson Captain Andre Beetge said: “After three days of intensive investigation by the specialist investigating officers of the Motherwell SAPS Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit (FCS Unit), a breakthrough was made on Wednesday 14th June after discovering that the case that was reported, was in fact false.”

“The real biological mother of the 3month old baby, who is 22 years old was identified and questioned. It was discovered that there existed a foster parent arrangement between the two ladies without following the legal prescribed routes. The was a disagreement within the arrangement which then led the accused to open a false case report”

In a statement after the court proceedings, the ex-husband of the accused, Mzukisi Maclein explained that he was not satisfied with the bail verdict.

“I am very hurt and unpleased with the bail verdict, as what she did was very illegal and deserving of jail time”.

The disgruntled ex-husband further added that, during their marriage there were too many grievances and disputes.

“What she is here for, is nothing new to me. She had an affair during our marriage with a police officer, so this doesn’t come as a shock to me.”

Maclein also alluded that the accused filed numerous court interdicts against him during their divorce, concluding with claims that the accused stole the child.

Thembeka Nyarashe, sister of the accused said that they are still unclear of where the baby was born as the accused had claimed that she had given birth at Livingstone hospital, of which records show that is false.

“We went to Dora Nginza and Livingstone hospital to verify the birth, but records of her giving birth there were not found”

The Department of Social Work Services has intervened with this matter and have the 3 month-old baby in their possession.The court case is due to resume on 29th of June at Motherwell magistrate court.

By Lwando Nomoyi

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