Off Campus Res Season of Beauty Pageants: Mr and Miss Laboria 2017

IMAGE: Mr and Miss Laboria 2017 – Yakhani Xongwana [left] and Philasande Mnukwa [right]

The season for beauty pageants in the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University off campus residences has yet again arrived for the year 2017.

Students almost all over the off-campus residence around Port Elizabeth have kicked started their much-anticipated beauty pageants. House Committees who are the student representatives for a resident are enslaving themselves to make sure that these events work out perfectly and are enjoyable, especially for first years as this proves as a big and important opportunity for them.

First years are both excited and anxious for the upcoming events as they embark the streets in towns. It is fascinating seeing them entering every shop at the malls looking for the best clothes to wear at the main events, as everyone wants to look their best, or as they say “dress to kill”.

Kicking off the beauty pageants this year and asca regular starter of these events in the past 2 years, was none other than the Terminus Rank based off campus resident, Laboria Residence.

The residence recently held their annual beauty pageant dubbed ‘Mr and Miss Laboria 2017’. In becoming the first off campus residence to host a beauty pageant, it means an advantage to the winners of Mr and Miss Laboria as they automatically become the VIPs in all the upcoming beauty pageants hosted by other off-campus residents – this, of course, proves to be a very exciting experience for the winners.

The event, themed, Saints vs Demons, was held this past weekend at  the  NMMU’S North Campus Auditorium. It started off at 18:00 pm until 23:00, with the after party kicking off right afterwards which took place at the newly opened club in Parliament Street called The Captains.

Being a part of the audience and the designated photographer of the event the whole night – it proved to be a night one would refer to as “epic”. The show was filled with a lot fun, exciting acts by the contestants, spectacular performances by the hip hop artists, ballet dancers, poets and not forgetting a vibrant host, who kept the crowd laughing at all times.

laboria 2
IMGAE: Designs by Neliseka Colidiza

One of the highlights of the nights came in right after the dance, when Neliseka Kwanele Colidiza, an upcoming fashion designer and founder of the fashion brand ‘Milani’ who also resides at Laboria, showcased her designs for the first time using the contestants.

The consistence looked phenomenal in their striped black and white outfits with a blend of green. With everyone stunned by the Milani founder’s talent, Neliseka Colidiza, the event went on with more talent and performances by a local hip hop and house group from South Campus Residence who call themselves Medallions, with their club anthem ‘Skirt’ with the crowd singing along with them, this followed by Laboria’s very own rap artist Costa, who also did not disappoint with his entertaining performance.

The question and answer phase of the competition took place and the judges announced their top 3, with Xabiso Blayi coming in as Second Prince, Nigel Ndlovu as First Prince, while at the females side the Second Princess was Sesona Bay and Zizo Sikiti as First Princess. The new Mr and Miss Laboria 2017 was crowned by the judges which was second year student, Yakhani Xongwana (Mr Laboria 17) and first year student, Philasande Mnukwa (Miss Laboria 17).

Luzipho Yanela


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