ANC Women League
Google picture of ANC Women’s League

The role of women in politics has always been questionable especially the role of women divisions within political organizations. One of the most infamous female based and probably the only one to still exist is the ANCWL.

The role of women in politics for decades has been to advocate for transformation, support for women, equality and representation in decision making.            However, the idea of women playing an active role in politics has been reduced to nothing more than just an idea.

Now we find ourselves having to deal with apparent patriarchal princesses who do nothing more than cheer on their male counterparts. The notion of patriarchy remains and remains prevalent because of such women who support their comrades all the while women continue in perpetual suffering.

are meant to protect young girls from the hands of their comrades and speak up against gender based stereotypes yet they continue to fuel them. Whether these actions are conscious or otherwise, they result in grave repercussions where pivotal conversations are continuously lost in translation.

SA illustrates the gender inequality and how it continues to grow while the ruling party has a women’s division. The representation of women across the board including parliament continues to fuel the burning question what is their role? In the recent shuffle we heard the President state that he wants to have more women in power that time dololo, and we saw a woman being removed.

What does this mean? Do we have politicians that use gender equality as a ploy while they continue to ignore the cries of women? The topic at hand questions the role of women in politics, but unfortunately each time it is posed, only theories and concepts come to mind and not so much actual work and execution.

It is imperative we find a solution that is not divisive but rather inclusive. A manner to deal with gender inequality especially in politics. Politics is within us and for as long as we view women as the other, the division within society will continue to grow especially within gender.

Sanelisiwe Ntabeni


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