Pictured: Earthy Queens (Facebook)

Earthy founders, Zemvelo and Sesethu hosted an event they call Earthy Talks. The past Sunday at Pintxos Tapas and Wine Bar in Walmer, was abuzz with women rocking their hair in all kinds of beautiful styles – clearly there to indulge their eagerness about their hair.

Earthy Talks sought to decode ‘the science of hair’ and the many myths attached. The founders explored the idea of African hair in relation to healthiness and growth. Looking at how men and women, who prefer natural hair, could become experts at maintaining their own hair.

The event attended by a host of women kicked off with Zemvelo encouraging that each one introduce themselves and then mention what relationship they have with their hair. What came across as interesting is the fact that all women had a guide as to the many terminologies that explain hair – and so suddenly each one knew what hair type they had and its functionality (or lack thereof).

Further, into the talk, Zemvelo spoke about five fundamental steps to maintaining natural hair:

  1.  Love – one should appreciate their hair for where it is first.
  2. Moisturize – drink enough water to feed your hair and wash it often enough.
  3. Protect – refrain from using cotton to cover your hair at night, it dehydrates the hair of its moisture.
  4. Cleanse – use natural products like castor oil and coconut oil after a great wash
  5. Love – pay attention to having healthy hair before worrying about length

The interactive talk explored the different strands one’s hair might encompass, ranging from straight and much more spacious strands to the extremely curled ones – talking about (among other hair obscurities) porosity – which is your hair’s ability to absorb moisture. Additionally, Zimvelo’s almost ‘open lecture’ explored hair texture, curl pattern, learning about the shapes of hairlines and how to maintain healthy ones even after extreme hairstyles.

Sesethu told us about the hair products that the company offers, a combination of natural products. These result in a combo of Liquids, Oils, and Creams (@R350) – all meant to treat and repair natural hair. A ticket cost R150 inclusive of great food and mingling.

In addition to all of the fun facts that were shared, the guests were treated to a makeup showcase by Naso and Aluve, who also run their own beauty blog. Fashion designer, Visiswa, also showed off her range from VJJ’s Jungle gym line for plus size women. To say the least, all the women who found themselves at the presence of such enlightening information and entertainment, left happy and full.

Nondumiso Tshabalala




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