The ANC Youth League plans to revolt lest president Jacob Zuma keeps his position as leader of the ANC and the country. This comes after a motion of no confidence was tabled in Parliament were the United Democratic Movement (UDM) subsequently forced the Constitutional Court to allow a secret ballot. This means that all members will cast their votes for/against Zuma secretly without being ostracised. The event is set to commence next week.

However, the ANCYL and other Zuma supporters say that should the motion work against the president, they will reject the result vehemently. A news24 article reported that ‘the language and the tone of the ANC Youth League and other forces that support Zuma indicate that there would be willingness by Zuma’s supporters to refuse the result of a democratic process that seeks to remove the president.’

The article further reads that the faction has previously displayed their willingness to disrupt society ‘when they ignored a court order and disrupted Ahmed Kathrada’s memorial in Durban over the weekend.’ Kathrada’s memorial services were also used as a platform for political figures to reprimand the president, requesting that he step down.

Last Friday mass protests spearheaded by a group popularly known as SaveSA took to the streets of SA in support of Zuma stepping down. South Africans now anticipate the decisions that’ll come after the vote of no confidence sitting has been concluded.

Nondumiso Tshabalala



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