Mcebisi Jonas resigns as ANC MP

Mcebisi Jonas EWN
Pictured: Mcebisi Jonas (Image: EWN)

Former Deputy Finance Minister, Mcebisi Jona, has resigned as an ANC Member. His resignation has been confirmed by the African National Congress’ acting spokesperson, Nonceba Mhlauli on Thursday. Mhlauli added that comrade Jonas had served both as Deputy Minister and as a MP with absolute distinction and dedication.

Jonas is the second minister affected by president Jacob Zuma’s cabinet reshuffle. Further, Jonas and former finance minister Pravin Gordhan, are seen as the core reason why civil society and senior members in the ANC have called for mass mobilization to force Zuma to resign.

Jonas has also served the movement and the South African people in various capacities over the years. Mhlauli was reported saying that “[they as the ANC] are confident that he will continue serving the country in the future.” 

SaveSA holds its National Protest today, in response to the untimely Cabinet reshuffle which has left many South Africans confused and uncertain about the future.

 Meanwhile parliament spokesperson, Moloto Mothabo has confirmed, on news24, that Tina Joemant-Pettersson has also resigned as an member of Parliament, but she will continue working as an ordinary ANC member.

Candice Pearce


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