SaveSA National Protest

A National Protest is due to be held on 7 April 2017. It is spearheaded by a group known as “SaveSA”, which is reportedly rallying against corruption and the call for President Jacob Zuma to step down. This comes after the untimely Cabinet reshuffle and removal of Finance minister Pravin Gordhan and his trusted deputy, Mcebisi Jonas.

This past weekend a message leaked on social networks, asked the public to join in the national shutdown “regardless of race or political affiliation and to take to the streets in protest.” The message was in direct response of the decision by Jacob Zuma to conclude a reshuffle which heavily resonated with that of the removal of Nhlanhla Nene.

The message further stated that people should “block highways, stand with [their] communities, go to political houses”, and other such activities to allow for the voices of the people to be heard. It comprised of the recently familiarized language of hashtags, such as #ZumaMustFall and #SouthAfricaMustRise

Organizers of the protest say that by a sustained effort, real organizations and real oppositions joining in on the protest, is the only way it can be remotely successful. Therefore people have to come out and come participate.

Candice Pearce


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