Spur Violent Spat

The past weekend saw South Africans enraged at what was clearly a violent attack on a woman at a Spur in Glen (Johannesburg). A man approached a woman whose table was full of children – an evident family and friends outing. He claimed that his child was bullied by one of the children at the table with the woman, and so he was there to tell the woman to ‘do something about it’. However, instead of approaching respectfully, and as a parent – the man barks, ‘f*ck your child, look at your child’s size.’

As a result, the woman takes to him with the same hostility he’s come with. A heated argument ensued, with little help from the managerial stuff at Spur. Instead, for the better part of the argument, bystanders stood idle hoping that Spur workers would eventually intervene.

It is only when the man wanted to physically attack the woman that a man sitting on the next booth jumped over to help. Some Spur workers eventually intervened by politely leading the man away from the woman’s table. This happened in broad daylight with a fully packed Spur sitting idle while a violent argument proceeded.

In the video supplied by Eyewitness News one can hear the woman’s agitated responses to the man who outright swore at her, the kids and threatened to beat her – even shaking the table to invoke fear. With the rate of violence against women and children in South Africa, the country was most shocked at how people could sit and watch as this took place right in front of them.

For the most part, the conversations that have arose since the incident over the weekend, have questioned whether this was also influenced by race relations or whether it is a blatant perpetuation of the abuse of women and children. Those enraged, took special care to mention that when all is considered, children were amidst all the chaos and were even directly involved.

This again speaks to the protection (or lack thereof) of children in South Africa. In response to the many hostile comments from across borders in the country, the Spur managerial team eventually published a press release which was posted on their Facebook page. Although diplomatic, the statement sought to condemn violence of any kind, especially in the presence of young children. The team also added that ‘the man in the video is not welcome at any Spur restaurant nationally.’

To read further, the link is included below:


 Nondumiso Tshabalala

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