Love vs Money: Survival of the Fittest


Dating on Campus has never been easy. Even today, finding the right girl is one of the biggest challenges the guys face. From blessers to ben 10s, smartphones and fancy clothing, it makes it very distressing for some individuals to meet the demands in the love industry.

I’ve always assumed that one loves the other for looks or personality but some girls undoubtedly proved me wrong. These days you don’t stand a chance in competing with the blessers or even rich kids who drive fancy cars. These days, the labels you wear or the size of your wallet determines whether one dates you or not.

Now don’t get me wrong, some girls fancy the idea of being swept off their feet by rich handsome guys, who land them on the best seats in a restaurant and don’t even check a price tag when shopping. I don’t think some of you will disagree that going to a fancy place is better than spending every evening at home.That receiving gifts and having a nice dinner in a romantic place while having a glass of wine is more fun than eating chips on the couch. But in reality, money can’t buy happiness nor love but in the long run you’ll compensate.

Sometimes it’s much better dating an ordinary person without it having to be an expensive life. If you think about it, there is nothing as romantic as staying at home and chilling with your girl and in the middle of a movie, she leans into you, rests her head on your chest and eventually falls asleep in your arms.

Written by: Odwa Sikrweqe



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