Freedom Day

imageFreedom! Free we are, indeed, as we retrace our steps in All Stars. Along the road of freedom, as we step on the path and our soles can still feel the souls that stomped the ground, knees up and one fist in the air screaming for freedom as the dogs were let lose to from their chains so that they could run after us. Free we are, indeed, as the songs of the struggle hush the Nelson of the nation to sleep in his grave as we look up at the flag that symbolises democracy as we try very hard not only to stumble upon equality but to grapple with it until it becomes our culture.

The spirit of “Ubuntu” stills echoes “Freedom is coming” as we remember our fathers and mothers who skipped the stage of being the youth and they became warriors so that we could enjoy our youth and walk even though they stomped the ground, communicate even though their voices were silenced, to educate ourselves even though their education had boundaries. How arrogant would we be to allow opportunities to slip through our fingers because of momentary “lekker jols”? The road to freedom was paved with blood and sacrifices. Free, indeed, we are.

So let the price of freedom give us an unbearable urgency that will push us to rise against all odds and empower ourselves from the opportunities that present themselves to us. Let us look up to our ancestors and to our parents with gratitude for fighting the good fight and for still being able to love whole heartedly regardless…


Written by: Celuzuze Gugukethu Mabaso

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